About Us

Oh the harmonious balance in life of wanting to control your destiny & just letting things flow.
With blind faith, divine devotion, new waves, constant motion. Oh the places you can go

The only thing constant in life is change. The ongoing ebb & flow of emotions, love, loss, trust, betrayal, success, failure, clarity, ambiguity, peace, war, mountains, vallies, seasons changing, sunrise, sunset, tides in & out, leaves turning colors, falling, & growing back year after year. Everything is in a perpetual flux. To resist change is to detest living. 

Current MVMT is about more than optimizing your health, hormones, & performance; it's about embracing the waves of life & surfing them the best you can. Our mission is to help you live out your passions through an enhanced state of being. These supplements have truly changed my life. The level of focus, energy, and tenacity I have for life can be credited to not just the spirit of Christ but also the potency of these natural supplements.

In a world where everyone wants to be someone else, we encourage you to just be the best version of yourself.

Join the Current MVMT today & demand more from your life. 

~ Augustus, founder of Current MVMT